Owning pets and taking care of them is a fun, exciting, and a stress-relieving experience. If you are wondering about how to take care of a guinea pig, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will be discussing how to properly care for your pet guinea pig.

Do you know the essentials when taking care of a guinea pig? Make sure to check out this list that we have prepared for you. Here are some of them:

How to Properly Care For Your Pet Guinea Pig

1. Cage

Your pet guinea pig will need a cage with a solid bottom, and it should measure at least 24 x 12 x 12 inches so they can fit easily and be able to roam around and exercise daily.

2. Water bottle and food bowl

A guinea pig will need fresh food and water to survive, so make sure to change any untouched food that has been in the bowl for 24 hours. Guinea pigs will need fresh and clean water that does not contain chlorine.

3. Food

You can feed your pet guinea pig specific kinds of vegetables such as zucchini, carrots, kale, and collard greens. You can also give them fruit snacks such as mango, banana, and papaya every week.

You can also give them alfalfa and raisins twice a week. Avoid feeding your guinea pig caffeine-rich foods, chocolate, or alcohol as these products are toxic and deadly for them. Make sure to avoid sugar and treats that are high in fat content.

4. Supplements

Guinea pigs will need vitamin C supplements daily because their bodies are incapable of manufacturing and storing vitamin C.

5. Hayrack

A guinea pig is an herbivore, it needs a lot of hay because it is their favorite food. You can feed them Timothy Hay.

6. Small hide house

Guinea pigs naturally love to hide in small spaces, but usually come out of hiding from time to time.

7. Toys

A guinea pig will also need chew toys that they can play and chew on. You can give them chew toys which have treats inside them so they can have fun with it and feel rewarded whenever they get treats.

8. Bedding

A guinea pig will need bedding so they can sleep and rest. Although guinea pigs stay awake and for about 20 hours on average, they also sleep and rest for short periods. You can use recycled paper, pine or aspen for their bedding. Make sure not to use cedar because it is considered toxic for guinea pigs.

9. Vet visits

Your pet guinea pig, just like any other pet, needs to be checked by veterinarians as well. You can take them for a vet visit before taking them home and make sure to schedule a visit at least once a year to keep them healthy and well taken care of. If your pet guinea pig is exhibiting symptoms like lethargy, not eating, or generally just acting odd, make sure to bring them to a vet’s clinic to have them checked immediately.

Before taking your guinea pig to your home, make sure to pet-proof your home and cover your electrical wiring because guinea pigs love to chew! You can choose a secluded, calm space to keep them safe and relaxed.

Avoid placing their cages beside windows and direct sunlight so they will not have any trouble regulating their body temperature. Make sure to clean their bedding once a month and change their food and water daily.

There is no perfect or proper way to take care of your guinea pigs because each guinea pig is different, it is best for you to look after them and make sure to take the reasonable steps to ensure that all their needs are met, which can help prolong their life spans.

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