Why Should You Get A Professional to Groom Your Dog
Most dog owners want to do the grooming themselves. However, getting a professional to groom your dog can save you time and money. Grooming a dog requires a lot of patience and care, most especially if it is so fluffy or has some behavioral problems.

Typically, a professional grooming session includes brushing, bathing, and trimming. Before the dog is bathed, the groomer will brush out the mats so it will be easier to shampoo the dog. The dog’s ears will be cleaned and examined. Once the dog’s fur has completely dried up, the groomer will trim, clip, or shave your dog depending on your preference. Be sure to inform your groomer what you want to be done with your puppy to make him look perfect.

The groomer will trim the fur at the tips of the ears, over the eyes, and in other parts of his body. Afterward, the dog’s nails will be cut to make him feel comfortable when walking. The groomer will then brush the dog’s teeth using a special type of toothpaste intended for dogs.

Reasons Why You Should Groom Your Dog Professionally

They Are Good at Handling Dogs

Some dogs don’t behave well when they are groomed. That is why they have to be sedated. However, this is something that you can’t do at home, hence, you have to bring your dog to a veterinarian or a groomer. While grooming your dog, a professional groomer might be able to notice a lump or an injury. If you do the grooming yourself, then you won’t be able to notice this issue.

If you are suffering from health conditions such as arthritis or back pain, then you can’t do some excessive lifting, so you won’t be able to handle your dog properly. During this situation, you need a professional groomer to do the task for you.

They Use the Appropriate Tools

They Use the Appropriate Tools
Would you use your own razor or scissor to groom your dog? A veterinarian or professional groomer has the right tools and equipment needed in grooming your dog. They have an adjustable grooming table, various types of clippers, and other essential things that are needed in making your dog look perfect. They also have different shampoos for dogs with irritations, allergies, fleas, and ticks. Most groomers can even groom dogs used for breed shows.

They Can Handle the Disgusting Stuff

Can you clean the anal glands, remove the fleas and ticks, and shampoo a muddy dog? If you can’t do all of these unpleasant things, then you should get a professional groomer to take care of it. They can seemingly clean all the unpleasant things on your dog.

They Have A Flexible Schedule

There are local dog grooming shops in your neighborhood. You could easily send your dog in one of those shops and pick him up later. Dog grooming shops can also be found in dog boarding facilities as well as in veterinarian’s clinic. There are even mobile grooming vans that can easily come into your home. They come with the necessary supplies and tools needed in grooming your dog.

How Often Should You Go to A Dog Grooming Shop?

Typically, dog grooming should be done at least once a month. However, it will depend on the breed of your dog as well as the length of his hair. For puppies who have not yet experienced grooming, it is best to frequently groom or brush them at home. In this way, he will get used to it and grooming issues can be prevented.

In order to avoid any mats from forming, you need to brush your dog frequently. Sometimes removing an accumulation of mats can be very painful to your dog. If the groomer can’t take them out, then he will have to shave your dog.

How to Find A Good Groomer

How to Find A Good Groomer

If you need a groomer to groom your dog, then you can get some recommendations from your neighbors, relatives, friends, or veterinarian. You could also ask your breeder since he is an expert in the grooming needs of your dog. Paws and Claws offer the best grooming services. We also provide the best products for your pets. To book your grooming appointment, simply call us at 510-336-0105 or send us an email at info@pawsnclawsoakland.com.