What Are the Advantages of Using Kennel-Free Grooming
It is normal for grooming places to place pets inside the comforts of a cage while waiting for their turn at the grooming table. However, there are owners who prefer not to contain their beloved pets in cages while at the same time ensuring their pet’s safety and security under the groomer’s care.

In this article, we will be discussing the advantages of kennel-free grooming. It is important to use a pet-containment system that focuses on the purpose of keeping pets safe while at the same time creating a stress-free environment while they wait to be groomed. What are the advantages of groomers that don’t use kennels?

– It addresses the owner’s concerns about using cages.
– It is safe to use: It secures the pet and prevents it from roaming around the pet spa.
– It is pet-friendly: It prevents anxiety on pets who are not used to being contained in cages.
– It is comfortable and convenient.
Having the pets roaming free in a grooming salon is not safe and can be dangerous to the pet and the other animals inside the grooming salon as well. Dog salons that do not use cages can use pet stalls or suites, which is ideal since it uses eye-bolts to gently fasten and secure the pet to limit their movement.

It usually has dividers or partitions to keep the pets separated from other animals, preventing fights, accidents, or injuries that can happen. Pet suites can also use doors or gates but do not have any top covering which allows for more ease, addressing any concerns of pet owners.

This type of setup can be designed to improve its aesthetic effect, it is important not just to think of the pet’s safety and security but also the durability of the containment system used in pet-grooming spas. It is also important to choose the correct materials that can be easily sanitized and cleaned accordingly.

A pet-grooming spa is not easy to maintain. One must always prioritize the pet’s safety. Make sure to check the inside surfaces for any rough edges that can cause accidents or injuries to the pet. If the containment system uses wires or doors, it is important that the pet will not get its teeth stuck if they bite through it. The doors must be secured and latched properly to prevent the pet from escaping.

Use vinyl matting or tiles that can prevent pets from getting their nails trapped. It also allows the pet to have a comfortable place to lie on and prevents its fur from getting stuck. Using an effective, safe, and stress-free pet-containment system is a priority for any humane pet spa.

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Pet-grooming spa in Oakland, California

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