Learn How to Properly Bathe Your Dog with This Guide
If you own a dog or you’re planning to welcome one, you need to know all the things about bathing your dog. After all, it’s not only your dog who benefits from bathing but you and your home as well.

However, dogs are not always excited to get into the water for a good scrub. So, we’re giving you some hints to help you properly bathe your dog with ease.

Why Bathe Your Dog

Bathing your dog is a vital part of general pert care. Some common reasons may be to remove unpleasant odor or dirt that accumulated on their coat or to manage your pup’s skin sensitivity.

The usual reason for bathing dogs is to clean their skin and coat to remove loose hair and scales and improve their coat’s natural shine.

However, there are also several factors to consider when bathing your dog, including their breed, hair length, activity level, and health conditions. Dogs with special skin conditions, for instance, may be prescribed by vets to bath to treat their medical conditions.

How Often You Should Bathe Your Dogs?

One of the things that most pet parents wonder about is how often they should bathe their dogs. Generally, dogs should not be bathed more than once a month because bathing them too often can strip the protective oil off their coats, which can lead to more severe skin conditions. However, the frequency of bathing dogs varies per dog and their individual needs.

Typically, you’ll know it’s time to bath your dog when it has an unpleasant odor or has accumulated dirt on its coat. If your dog has that typical healthy dog smell and is not dirty, a bath is not yet necessary at this point. For dogs with skin problems, vets may prescribe a bathing schedule as part of their treatment plan. A hunting dog that is often outdoors will need more frequent bathing than canines who stay most of their time indoors. On the other hand, dogs who go swimming will need a bath less frequently because swimming counts as a bath.

You can consult a professional pet groomer or experienced dog bather to help you come up with a bathing schedule, specially made for your pup.

How Often You Should Bathe Your Dogs?

What Type Of Shampoo to Use

You can get advice from your local veterinarian for recommendations on the most suitable shampoo for your dog, but in general, choose a shampoo specifically made for dogs. Your dog has sensitive skin with a pH different from that of humans, so it is not recommended that you use your shampoo on your dogs.

If your dog has a healthy skin and coat, use a mild and gentle hypoallergenic shampoo. If your dog has a skin condition, ask your local vet for advice about the best type of shampoo that can help treat the specific problem.

You can also use mild and hypoallergenic rinse-out conditioner on your dog’s coat to prevent it from drying out after shampooing. Remember to patch test the products first to make sure that your dog doesn’t develop any allergic reaction.

Where to Bathe Your Dog

Where you bathe your dog depends on your preferences and circumstances. The important thing is to make the experience an opportunity for you and your dog to bond and connect. Whether it’s indoors, outdoors, or with a professional bathing service, make sure you help them enjoy the process by creating an ideal bathing environment.


Some dogs are easier to bathe in the backyard where there’s a lot of ground space. This way, pet owners do not need to carry their large dogs. It’s also a good option when you are bathing dogs that tend to jump out of the tub.

You can use a garden hose for bathing your dog outdoors. Set it on low pressure and make sure to test the temperature first. During summer, water can get extremely hot for your dog, so wait until it cools down. During colder months, you can use a bucket of warm water instead.

Dog Tub

If your dog is comfortable with bathing in a tub, make sure you are there to supervise it. For safety reasons, allow the water to run down the drain, so the bathtub doesn’t fill up. You can use a handheld showerhead to help with regulating the flow of water. Place a non-slip mat beside the tub and around the bathroom to make the area less slippery.

Professional Bathing Services

Professional Bathing Services
Taking your dog to a professional pet bathing service is a good option if you don’t have a tub or a spacious backyard. They can provide you with bathing essentials for your dog and other things you will need for drying and grooming them.

Drying Your Dogs

Dogs instinctively shake off excess water when they get wet, but you can use large absorbent towels to help them dry off quickly. After this, allow them to air dry naturally. As much as possible, avoid using hair dryers on your dog as they don’t enjoy air blowing at them. The heat can also damage their coats. However, if using a hairdryer is unavoidable, make sure it’s set on a comfortable temperature and positioned at a safe distance from your dog.

Training Your Dog to Enjoy Bath Time

If you want your dog to enjoy bath time, condition them to associate the activity with rewards or the things they love. Praise and give them treats when they are calm and are allowing you to touch them. Take things slowly and speak to your dog in a positive tone to help them relax. Don’t forget to give them treats if bath time finishes well.

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