How to Care For Your Pet Hamsters
Taking care of pets at home is a big responsibility and is not something that should be taken for granted. Do you know how to take care of your pet hamsters? In this article, we will be discussing how to properly care for your pet hamsters.

Hamsters are one of the most common household pets. Hamsters have different breeds and come in different sizes and characteristics and it is important to consider its breed and full-grown size when choosing its pet supplies, equipment, and cage.

When taking care of hamsters, it is important to know that they are nocturnal animals and they can make noises during the night. You must place your pet hamster on an area that works best for both you and your new pet.

Hamsters can be quite territorial and will fight other hamsters so it is best to get an individual hamster if you’re getting one as a pet.

What Are the Essentials Needed When Taking Care of a Pet Hamster?

1. Cage

Pet hamsters need a well-ventilated metal cage. When choosing a cage, you should consider the full-grown size of the hamster. The cage must be large enough, easy to clean, and prevents your pet hamster from escaping any time. Hamsters love to chew on anything, even cages if they get bored. It is important to clean the cage every week to keep your hamster clean and healthy and safe from any health issues.

2. Food

Pellet food is the best option for your pet hamster. Loose food mix may only encourage your pet from choosing its favorite and leaving out the rest uneaten. It can cause your hamster to get imbalanced nutrition or cause them to become overweight or malnourished.

You can also feed your hamster small pieces of fruit and vegetables like cucumbers, carrots, celery, and blackberries. You must avoid giving the leafy parts of a tomato as it can be toxic to your hamsters. Avoid giving high-fat meat, chocolate, citrus fruits, onions, garlic, and junk food.

A food bowl must not be flimsy, it is best to choose a food bowl that is small, heavy, and shallow, a ceramic or porcelain material is preferable to avoid it turning into a chew toy for your pet. You must remove uneaten food after 24 hours.

A hanging water bottle with stainless steel spout is perfect for your pet hamster. Hamsters can chew on plastic materials and you must make sure to provide fresh clean water at all times.

3. Bedding

Hamsters love a cozy nest for them to sleep or nap during the day. You can use paper or fiber-based bedding because it is the best option for your pet hamsters. You must avoid cedar and pine wood chips as it can cause respiratory problems for your pet hamster. You can use toilet paper or facial tissues as well and you must change the bedding or nest materials every week when cleaning the cage.

4. Hide Box

Hamsters loves to have their privacy during sleeping time and they love to hide on small boxes. For this, you can use a cardboard box or wooden box. Using plastic-based materials will only cause them to chew on it.

5. Exercise

You must know that your hamster loves to run and needs exercise. You can purchase an exercise wheel that is made from high-quality materials and safe to use. Hamsters may run during the night, so you can apply oil on the wheel to prevent it from making noise when they go for a night run.

You can also provide toys like a small ball for your pet hamster to stop them from getting bored. When hamsters get bored, this can lead them from chewing on everything in sight. You can buy all of your needed toys and other accessories from Paws and Claws.

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