Taking care of a dog is like taking care of any human being. We need to feed them, love them, make sure they have physical activity, and most of all, we make sure they are well groomed. Humans have various ways of grooming, from having haircuts to cutting their nails. It is also just like that with dogs. Once in a while we need to send them to a pet salon for their needed grooming.

Other people might think, “But they are dogs? Why do we need to spend money on their grooming?” When people think that, they usually would do the grooming on their own which would be fine if they are practiced in doing so. If not, it’s always spending money for your dog’s grooming is always something worthy.

Why Should I Have My Dog Groomed?

Having your dogs be sent to the pet salon is not just for those who live luxuriously with their pets. It is a necessity for every dog to be groomed. It is more than just cleanliness or being good-looking enough to be brought to the park or the mall. Grooming is actually essential to maintain your dog’s physical health. The appearance is just a wonderful bonus!

When Should I Start Having My Dog Groomed?

Everything You Need To Know About Your Dog's Grooming
Grooming is not particularly something all dogs enjoy. In fact, some dogs do not like being groomed. They get quite uncomfortable especially when it comes to cutting their nails or cleaning their ears. If they do not get used it now, it may be impossible to handle your dogs for grooming.

Therefore, it is important that you begin training your dog to endure or get used to grooming while he/she is still a puppy, especially if your dog is long-haired. Why is that so? Grooming for long-haired dogs is more intense than the usual ones.

How Many Times Should A Dog Be Groomed?

Generally, the simple task of brushing your dog’s hair should be done every day. That is your special duty as your dog’s guardian. For the other heavy-duty tasks of grooming your dog, here are the signs you must watch out for you to know that your dog needs to be sent to the pet salon for grooming right away.

1. Your Dog’s Hair Is In Knots
We all know a dog hasn’t been groomed when we see one with its hair all topsy-turvy. You might also notice that your dog’s eyes have been covered by its own hair. These are telltale signs that is an urgent matter to bring your dog to the vet or the parlor for dogs for a needed haircut.

After that haircut, your dog will definitely feel more comfortable and you will feel more comfortable giving your dog some hugs and kisses.

2. Your Dog’s Fur Is Not Shiny
We know a dog has been having its needed dose of grooming if their fur and hair are shiny. Here’s the thing about your dog’s hair or fur, they really make it a point to show how healthy they are by how shiny they are. Therefore, if you notice that your dog’s hair has been kind of dull or dry, then that is a sure sign that you need to take your dog to for a shining shimmering splendid visit to the parlor.

3. Your Dog’s Nails Are Dragging On The Ground
Your dog’s nails are definitely something you should be keeping an eye on. If you know your dog’s active but suddenly they do not feel the need to run around in the grass, it might be because they are nails are too long that it hurts to walk or run.

Inspect them on a weekly basis so you can let your dog run as much as he/she can.

Benefit of Having Your Dog’s Groomed

Benefit of Having Your Dog’s Groomed
A benefit of having your dogs regularly groomed is not just to keep them good-looking or clean. That can also be a way for you or your vet to check for any abnormalities with the skin, ears, eyes, teeth, nails. You will be also be able to find out if they have any kind of infection or inflammation.

Generally, it’s a big win for your dog so that your dog can remain healthy, good-looking, and comfortable in their own fur.

Paws and Claws Grooming Service

Here at Paws and Claws, we do not just offer a regular grooming service. Rather, we provide a kennel-free grooming because we know that you do not want your pups to be kept in a cage while waiting for their turn.

We want to make sure that as we make sure to keep your dog clean and healthy while making sure we provide them a stress-free environment.

Let’s get your dog shiny and sparkly! Book an appointment now.