Different Dog Food Options for Your Beloved Pup
There are plenty of dog food options wherever you are. If you are a new dog owner and you are wondering what dog food option is best for your dog, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing different dog food options for your beloved pup. Make sure to continue to read below so you will be able to have an informed decision when choosing the best dog food option for your dog.

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What are the Different Dog Food Options for Your Beloved Pup?

1. Dehydrated dog food – This type of dog food is preserved by drying the food. This process lightly alters the nutrients in the dog food. Dehydrated means moisture is removed from the food. When there is no moisture or water content in the food, the nutrients will not spoil easily and can be easily available for your dog to eat.

Dehydrators lightly cook the food while drying it; this process alters the cellular structure of the meats, fruits, and vegetables. Dehydrated dog foods are processed by applying heat to the food ingredients. Dehydration is the process that removes the water content of the food by blowing warm hair or exposing it to hot air. When heat is applied, the ingredients are cooked to a certain degree so dehydrated dog foods are not considered raw.

Dehydrated dog foods do not have as many nutrients that freeze-dried foods have. Some pets have immune deficiencies and can have difficulty in digesting raw food properly; if your beloved dog is one of them, you can consider dehydrated foods since this food is prepared using a gentler cooking process. Dehydrated dog foods are less processed and at the same time a fully-cooked diet, which is normally preferred for dogs that cannot digest raw food properly.

Dehydrated foods are not processed the same as kibble dog food, this a perfect option for dog owners who do not know how to handle raw food but prefer to feed their dogs with healthy and less-processed food.

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2. Freeze-dried dog food – Dog food can be dried when exposed in low temperatures. This process can take longer and will leave meat and fats susceptible to oxidation, therefore, making the food prone to spoilage. Food will become spoiled when exposed to temperatures between 140 degrees Fahrenheit to 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Freeze drying the food will not affect its appearance or its taste as much. This process uses raw food and freezes it, then using a low temperature and high air pressure to remove moisture. Freeze dryers expose the food to low temperatures. This method freezes the food faster and is then exposed to high-air pressure that causes the frozen water to transform into water vapor.

The pumps will pull out the water vapor from the chamber while maintaining the internal air pressure high. Freeze drying is also known as sublimation – (solid) frozen water is transformed directly into water vapor (gas).
Freeze drying causes the food to become less damaged compared to food that has undergone the process of dehydration. This process does not shrink or make the food ingredients tough. It also leaves the aroma and flavors of the food the same.

Freeze drying makes use of a vacuum chamber that removes moisture from raw frozen ingredients and this occurs when extreme pressure is applied. During the process, the extreme pressure also destroys any pathogens that are found in the raw meat.

Heat is not applied so all nutrients and enzymes are not destroyed, the result is still considered a raw food. When the dog food is exposed to heat, this can damage the nutrients and destroy the live enzymes, both are important for your dog to have a healthy digestive system. If you want your pet dog to take in the needed nutrition for a healthy life, you must give them freeze-dried foods. Freeze-dried foods can be rehydrated if you are serving them to your dog. You can also serve them straight from the bag as a treat or a meal topper.

Freeze-dried dog food

3. Raw dog food – Raw dog food is fresh and does not undergo any process (cooking), it is unaltered and remains in its original state.

The raw dog food diet is influenced by the thought that wild dogs primarily consumed raw food before they became domesticated. They eat raw meat and no grains. Raw muscle meat is the foundation of a raw dog food diet. Organ meats, ground bones, and vegetables, like kale or broccoli, provide the nutrients that come from prey animals when they are consumed in the wild. Raw dog food is available as frozen food. You can simply defrost it before giving it to your dog.

4. Air-dried dog food – This dog food is air-dried. This food undergoes a process similar to dehydration, this leaves the food as an extremely nutrient-rich food and it can be scooped and served whenever you need to feed your beloved pup. The air-drying process is slow and gentle; this allows the water content to evaporate from the raw food ingredients.

This method also helps eliminate the pathogens present in the food and at the same time, it preserves the nutrients in the food, making it easily available for your dog whenever you need to feed him or her. This type of food has the same nutrition found in raw dog food. Air-dried food is usually prepared using temperatures between 140 degrees Fahrenheit to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whichever option you choose for your dog, it comes with benefits, and you can choose whichever works best for you and your dog. Dogs differ from one another; one type of dog food may work for one but will not work for your dog. You must choose whichever dog food options fit your dog’s needs. You must choose wisely.

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Reminder: always remember when you are choosing which dog food is best for your dog, you must also consult your veterinarian. Switching your dog to a new diet is a major change and is not something to be taken lightly. This is a process that must be carried out slowly, not all at once. You have to introduce the new food gradually slowly and monitor your dog in the process of transitioning to a new type of dog food. The reason why this is needed is that a new type of dog food can cause stomach problems for your dog, so you need to do this gradually.
Type of dog food can cause stomach problems

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