Raw Frozen, Freeze Dried & Dehydrated Foods

Raw Frozen Foods

Paws & Claws carries a wide variety of Raw, Dehydrated, Freeze-Dried and Air-Dried Foods. Raw uncooked foods are one of the best sources of nutrition for your pet. Uncooked meaty bones, fresh fruits and vegetables provide live enzymes, unprocessed amino acids, vitamins, and minerals not available in heat-processed foods. Frozen raw formulas are developed based upon the B.A.R.F diet (Bones and Raw Foods or Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods). These diets closely mimic the diet of animals in the wild.

We also carry a range of convenient alternatives to raw frozen food that deliver high nutrient absorption in the form of freeze-dried, dehydrated and air-dried raw foods. These types of raw foods are convenient because they do not need to be kept frozen and thawed prior to feeding. Another distinctive quality of these types of raw food is that by removing moisture from this food, the growth of bacteria, yeast, or mold is inhibited – which gives them a longer shelf life. However, because the moisture has been removed from these foods, it is important to follow manufacturer feeding guidelines and instructions to ensure your furry friend stays hydrated. Remember to keep plenty of fresh water near your pet’s food bowl.

Pet owners have reported some noticeable benefits when feeding a raw diet. These benefits include healthier skin and coat, easier weight control, fewer allergy symptoms, improved health, energy and longevity along with less backyard clean-up. The Paws & Claws staff would be happy to help you find the right raw option to fit your individual pet’s needs and your lifestyle.

To understand how these different raw foods options are made, please visit the manufacture websites.

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