Are you planning to get a rabbit as a pet? If your answer is yes, then it’s always a good idea to do the needed research on how to properly take care of them, as they have different needs when compared to pet dogs and cats.

In this article, we will be discussing the essential information on how to properly take care of a rabbit. If you want a pet rabbit, they are quiet, easy to train, and low maintenance. Rabbits also do not take a lot of space; you can just designate a space for them if you have an extra room in your home or even in an apartment.

Essential Information on the Proper Care of a Rabbit

How to Take Care of Your Pet Rabbit

Preparation – Before you go and get yourself a pet rabbit, it is a must that you make your home safe for your new pet, especially if your pet rabbit will be roaming around your house.

1. Cover wires and cords

Rabbits love to chew and you must keep them safe and make sure not to allow any cords or wires lying around for them to bite and chew into. You can use flexible tubing to cover the wires and cords and keep your pet rabbit safe from being electrocuted.

2. Use a baby gate to block off areas where your rabbit is not allowed to go

Choose a specific place in your home or an extra room where you can keep your pet rabbit.

3. Do research regarding houseplants

There are certain houseplants that are considered poisonous and toxic to rabbits. Plants like tomato leaves, tulips, holly, amaryllis, potato tops, and poinsettia are some toxic plants for rabbits.

4. Prepare the pet rabbit’s cage

Use a cage that can comfortably accommodate your rabbit and furnish it accordingly for your pet. The bedding can be made of hay or straw and the cage should include other accessories such as a food and water bowl or a water bottle.

Always keep a bowl or bottle of clean water in the cage at all times. Also add a urine guard at the bottom of the cage so you can easily clean and disinfect the cage to keep your pet rabbits safe, healthy, happy, and clean.

5. Prepare the litter box

It can be set-up in one corner of the cage. Newspaper or rabbit litter can be used, and you should never use cat litter because it is toxic to rabbits. You can also place a bunch of hay in the litter box.

7. Purchase high-quality rabbit pet food

Choose the best pet food for your rabbit, it should be rich in fiber. Make sure to buy enough food for one month so it will not become stale and bad for your pet rabbit. Make sure to check out Paws and Claws for rabbit supplies and food for your pet rabbit!

You can also include vegetables, hay, fruits, and treats for your pet rabbit as a part of their diet. Avoid giving rabbits human food such as chocolate, bread, and rice to your pet rabbit as these can affect their digestive system.

By properly caring for your pet rabbit it can live for a long time. Rabbits usually live around 7 to 10 years and some can even live up to 15 years with the proper care. Make sure to visit a veterinarian if you have any concerns or problems regarding your pet rabbit.

Are you planning to take care of a rabbit as a pet

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