Join us, Friday, Sept. 28th from 6 to 8 pm, for an artist reception featuring the creative artwork of Alicia Cadell.

Alicia is an Illustrator & Designer who uses her passion & artistic talent to create amazingly creative & detailed artwork. Her love for dogs and creating art inspired her to give a new twist to movie classics. These classic images of dogs give the viewer a new perspective to films we love. She also uses the sales of her handmade screen prints & accessories to make a pawsitive difference for animals by donating a portion of sales to local shelters.

Paws & Claws voted Best Pet Boutique in BayWoof’s 2018 “Beast of the Bay”, is also known for having the best dog parties in the bay. So bring your well-socialized dog along to this fun event!Paws & Claws, voted 2018 Best Pet Boutique in BayWoof’s, “Beast of the Bay”, has the best dog parties in the bay. Well-socialized dogs are welcome to join us.