Holistic pet care has recently become more popular in recent years. In fact, there are plenty of vets today that recommend a more holistic approach when it comes to pet care to achieve a more thorough approach to your pet’s health.

This method of health care is often used in combination with your usual medical pet health treatment. An alternative form of care for pets is important and this health care option can be considered for your beloved pet.

At Paws and Claws, we offer natural health products and herbal nutritional supplements that fit in well with the holistic approach of pet health care and improve your pet’s overall health and wellness.
We offer a variety of herbal remedies, CBD treats, homeopathic essences and other products that improve the immunity of your beloved pet and as well as helps improve the recovery period when your pet is sick, which reduces their stress and anxiety, plus prolongs the life span of your pet.

Holistic Pet Care

Aside from nutritional products, we also offer all-natural shampoo and conditioners that help deal with all kinds of skin and fur problems, like allergies. We also offer herbal flea and tick repellents that are effective in removing all sorts of pests from your pets’ fur. Like all of our products, it is safe to use on your pet as it does not contain harsh and harmful chemicals.

If you are located in Oakland California, Paws and Claws offers healthy, organic pet food that has the right amount of protein and nutrients needed by your beloved pet without any of those pesky fillers. If you think your pet is suffering from any type of allergy, make sure to always consult with your vet first before making any drastic changes in your pet’s diet.
If you’re interested in learning more about it, here are some facts about holistic pet care:

What is the point of using the holistic approach in pet health care?

The whole point of holistic pet care means using a more natural approach for your pet’s health care while focusing on its mind, body, and spirit as a whole. Holistic care for your pet can simply be seen as taking the best interest for your pet, being an open-minded pet owner, and considering your beloved pet’s ability to heal himself/herself.

How does the holistic method of treatment work when in medical cases?

When using the holistic care approach for your pet, you are focusing on treating your pet as a whole and not just on its specific problem or a single issue. This varies from the traditional way of medical treatment, which involves properly diagnosing the illness and medication to treat the specific issue only.

Using holistic care for your pet can help prevent the further development of diseases, illnesses, and physical problems. However, when using holistic pet care, vet checkups must still be done regularly and remains to be highly recommended for pet owners to do in order to make sure your beloved pet is getting the best care he or she needs.

How does holistic pet care focus on the aspect of the pet’s health and nutrition?

Holistic pet care focuses on the proper evaluation of your pet’s overall health, which includes focusing on the diet and food, supplements, exercise, and grooming as well as other aspects of your pet’s health that need to be given importance.

When an evaluation is done, the information found about your pet’s current state of health will be used to decide which natural and homeopathic supplements may be necessary to help improve its overall health.

Holistic pet care focuses on using natural and herbal remedies that help nurture and improve your pet’s healing process and helps prevent the possibility of the development of different diseases.

How does holistic pet care focus on the aspect of the pet's health and nutrition

As a pet owner, when you choose the holistic pet care approach, you are sure that it uses the perfect balance of all-natural and herbal medicines, good diet and nutrition, regular exercise and most importantly regular vet care. You will be guaranteed that your pet will be able to enjoy a long, happy, and healthy life with you and your loved ones.

So what are you waiting for? Feel free to learn more about the different all-natural pet products that are readily available on our website. Reach out to us through our website today, or call us at 510-336-0105, and we can get your pet started on the well-rounded, holistic health care approach today!