A Basic Guide to Keeping Your Dog Healthy
Part of being a responsible dog owner is knowing how to care for your pet properly so it stays in good shape. If you love your dog, it is only reasonable that you want to keep it healthy and happy. Here’s an essential guide to help ensure that your pet stays on the path of wellness.

Expert Care from A Professional

Regular and high-quality care from a licensed and experienced veterinarian is the primary and most essential factor that will set the foundation of your dog’s well-being. To ensure that your dog stays in great shape, the first thing you have to do is to find a trustworthy veterinarian that you can visit regularly or anytime you need to. Your vet should conduct a wellness examination on your dog once every six months, or annually.

For starters, your dog should be given heartworm preventives, and tick and flea prevention. Talk to your veterinarian about the options you have in providing these preventive treatments to your pet. Don’t hesitate to ask your vet about the appropriate shots your dog needs according to its lifestyle, and the dos and don’ts in treating and preventing fleas and ticks.

If you have a puppy, take it your vet every few weeks during their first months for their puppy shots and to make sure that it’s growing just fine. You can also ask your vet for tips on how to care for your growing puppy.
Your healthy adult dogs need to visit your vet yearly for a vaccine, physical exam, and testing for heartworms and internal parasites. If your dog has an illness or suffering from a chronic health condition, or has other special needs, make sure to follow your vet’s recommendation for treatment and follow-up visits.

Senior dogs must visit the vet at least once every six months. But if your dog is already suffering from serious health issues, you must take it to the vet more frequently or as often as recommended by your vet. Your vet may recommend an annual lab testing for blood cell count and to check if your dog’s organs are still functioning normally.

Remember that dogs age faster than humans, so there will be changes in your dog’s body within six months. By visiting your vet regularly, you can monitor the changes in your dog’s health and give proper and immediate treatment if he needs it.

Establish excellent communication between you and your vet to make sure that your dog gets the appropriate professional care he requires.

Proper Nutrition

Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition is essential to keep your dog healthy. Your dog’s appearance, weight, energy level, and gastrointestinal function all depend on his diet. So, if your dog encounters issues in these areas, it might be caused by an improper diet.

Give your dog high-quality food made by a trusted company, or you can ask your vet for recommendations. You can also try making homemade meals for your dog as long as they contain the appropriate vitamins and nutrients that your dog needs for optimal growth. If you decide to put your dog on a specific kind of diet, observe how your dog responds to it over the next weeks, and take note of the following things:

  • Is your dog’s coat shiny and without flakes or is it greasy?
  • Does your dog have an increased energy level, or is he acting less active than usual?
  • Did your dog gain or lose weight? Obesity is a common problem among dogs, but it can be treated with proper diet and exercise.

Regular Exercise

Many dog owners take for granted the importance of exercise in maintaining their pet’s health and happiness. If your pet is bored, the more likely it is to display destructive behavior. But sometimes, a dog’s destructive behavior is just a result of an energy surplus and not a severe behavioral problem.

Giving your dog a healthy diet will provide it with plenty of energy. However, if you don’t allow your dog to have a proper activity where it can release its energy, it might spend that energy on your furniture or other essential belongings.

So, before you blame your dog for munching on your books again, ask yourself whether you are giving it the proper routine exercise. The amount of activity you should give to your dog depends on their breed, age, and size, but generally, dogs must have one to two hours of exercise every day. Observe how your dog’s body reacts to the exercise, then establish a routine according to his needs. Your health might even benefit from your dog’s daily routine exercise.

Dental Care

A part of a dog’s body that is often overlooked is probably its teeth. Dog owners often forget about their dog’s oral health until they get a whiff of bad breath. Contrary to what other people think, bad breath in dogs is not normal. Untreated tartar build-up and plaque can lead to more severe health problems for your dog.

Fortunately, there are several ways to care for your dog’s oral health. Aside from brushing your dog’s teeth, you can also give it oral rinses and dental treats. Your dog may also need professional teeth cleaning from time to time. Please do not wait until your dog develops a more severe disease until you start giving attention to its oral health.

Regular Grooming

Regular Grooming

All dogs, no matter what breed, needs grooming. The kind of grooming your dog needs depends on his breed, but generally, most dogs need a bath and nail trim at least once a month. If your dog has special conditions, we recommend that you ask your vet for the appropriate grooming schedule for your dog.

Brush the coat of your short-haired dogs once every week, while long-haired dogs would benefit from daily brushing. Dog hair also grows continuously, so consider cutting your dog’s hair every four to six weeks.

If you’ve determined how and when you should groom your dog, it’s time for you to decide whether to do it on your own or to take your dog to a professional dog grooming service. If you live in Oakland or nearby, Paws and Claws can groom your fur baby for you. We offer a personalized kennel-free grooming service in a friendly and peaceful environment. To book an appointment, please visit https://pawsnclawsoakland.com/ or send us an email at info@pawsnclawsoakland.com. We also offer pet food and other products you can use to keep your dog healthy and happy.

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