Archived – Art Gallery – Pipi Ray Diamond (2015)

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Rina-Pipi photo exhibit

Pipi Ray Diamond

Pipi Ray Diamond is a pet photographer living in Oakland, California. The exhibit of 8 images reflects seven photo sessions with the owners and staff of Paws & Claws, their pets and their families during the summer & fall of 2014.

The artist’s intent was to capture the individual personality of each animal and the bond between them and their guardians. She hopes these images make you stop and wonder what goes on in the secret hearts of our pets.

The artist used a Canon Rebel T3i camera with post processing done in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

If you are interested in cherishing your pet with a soulful portrait, Pipi Ray Diamond is available for private shoots. Facebook: Instagram: @SoulfulPetPhotos Website: SoufulPetPhotography

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Tiger & Lucky photo exhibit
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